Fun for all ages in the heart of the Loire Valley between Blois and Amboise.

First flights and admire the Loire Valley castles from above ; Chambord, Chenonceau, Chaumont…
Once onboard you will fly over the region and be able to admire the scenery ; boats on the river Loire, beautiful stone dwellings full of history, animals in the fields, the forest… Enjoy a new view of the earth from a ULM ! Trips from 10 min. to 1h20

Prior to departure, the necessary equipment is distributed (helmet and liner and gloves). After a security brief, you’ll be taught how to handle the quad, how to slalom and to brake.
Then it’s off for a trip in a private forest, surrounded by nature.
You‘ll be accompanied by a fully qualified instructor, who is also your guide.

Archery 3D Nature Trail
It’s your turn to be Robin Hood !
Following an archery demonstration, you’ll be off into the forest to aim at your targets, 3D sponge animals. You can test your precision and skills in a safari-like setting. You’ll meet crocodiles, foxes, and wolves during your adventure. Relax and enjoy 2 to 3 hours surrounded by nature, a unique trail in this region of France.

Barefoot Path
Kick off your shoes and socks, do you dare to take the barefoot path ?
This natural path is an ideal way to experience something new as you take the time to walk barefoot on pinecones, bark, wood shavings, sawdust, sand and pebbles… they will tickle the soles of your feet and may surprise you with new sensations ! Have fun with friends or family, and see how good your balance is.
Experience almost 30 different textures on this 1 km sensory path in the heart of the Loire Valley, the only sensory path of its kind in the region.
The whole family can take part, even the youngest members.Sensory workshops are also available.


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